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Effective Employer Research helps you find the right employer and the right job 

Win the Job Interview Through Employer Research

Employer research helps win the job interview

Remember when the extent of researching the prospective employer was finding the quickest route to the job interview location?

Today, if you don’t do extensive research on the prospective employer, finding out about the people who are interviewing you, the scope and challenges of the job and the prospective employer’s competition you will be at an extreme disadvantage.

Job interview strategy starts with research on the employer

Having a comprehensive look at the prospective employer and an in-depth awareness of the organization is an important part of the job interview strategy. Why the change in interview strategy over the last ten years or so?

The days of hiring warm bodies to fill a position is over. Hiring officials are looking for individuals who will fit in and really want to work for them. If the applicant has to ask a high number of questions about the company that are easily found with a little research, many recruiters will conclude you might not fit in with the company culture and are not really interested in the job.

In addition, recruiting, hiring and training new hires are expensive. Make too many bad hiring decisions and maybe the recruiter no longer has a job.

Employer research will help the applicant find the right employer

Your research about the potential employer should uncover information about the work culture, mission statement and values and other factors to determine if they match your career goals. In addition, you should research the company’s financials, recent news both good and bad, products and services and where they stand with their competition.

The more information you have about a company and the targeted job the better you will be able to focus your resume and your resume cover letter on the companies needs. Also, you will be better prepared to ask intelligent questions in any interviews.

Here are some resources you can use to get started in your job interview research.

Everything starts with the internet. Search Google, Bing and Yahoo. Be very specific in the terms you search for. Use quotes to narrow down the information. You’ll find information about specific careers and jobs. Possible employers should also show up in your search.

You can use or for specific information complied from previous employees of various companies. Some of their service is fee-based so you’ll have to decide if the possible information is worth the investment. is a business reference directory providing several levels of information. It’s also fee based and again you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the money.

If the company is publicly traded you can discover all the latest financials in their SEC filings. Go to www/ and you’ll find reams of information. More>>>
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