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Resume Writing: Get Focused with Authority Statements!


Resume Writing After 50 That Gets Results  

Resume writing after 50 that gets read by the hiring official starts with a series of authority driven statements. Looking back on your work history, including outside activities; if you took a careful inventory of what you did to solve problems, overcame obstacles or generated positive results you might be amazed. 


How many of these authority statements have you included in your resume and cover letter? If you listed these special accomplishments in your resume writing content did they move a hiring official to call you for an interview?


Resume writing that helps your job search after 50


If not, here’s what you need to do to rewrite these statements so they work strongly for you. If done properly they will upgrade and refine your current job search efforts and add some power to your job hunting plan.


Authority statements should be the foundation of all your job search after 50 marketing messages. Your career accomplishments are special to you. They help distinguish you from the other job candidates and if done properly can vault you into the top position.  


What are authority statements? They are the headlines that draw the reader into the balance of your resume and cover letter. They generate interest into what comes next. A boring, or lackluster headline means your resume goes into the reject pile. Your statements tell exactly what you did to generate benefits or create opportunities for your employer or an organization.   


Authority statements are central to your job hunting plan


Your authority statement can be used in a variety of places. As shorthand when meeting people or networking: the elevator speech. Of course use the statements in your after 50 resume and cover letter. In thank you letters and in a resume/letter where you are contacting possible employers are all important uses of the authority statement. All are important components in your job hunting plan.


Here are a couple of authority statements touting specific accomplishments; which would motivate you to read further? 


“Experienced distribution manager with a proven track record of productivity improvements.” 


“Managed three complex distribution center productivity improvement projects, which generated in first year, over $820,000 in improvements and achieved 122% over plan” 


The two statements are a world apart in effective communication. Yet they describe the same person. The first statement probably wouldn’t motivate you to read further but the second is compelling and tells you this person gets things done.


Job hunting after 50 requires listing of benefits and results 


When you communicate your accomplishments in your after 50 resume with a quantifiable result you are talking benefits. Think dollars saved, sales increased, under budget, results better than planned, improved profits, increased productivity, enhanced customer service, reduced costs all and more are what the hiring employer is looking for.  


What you did can then be translated into the proper conclusion that you would continue generating the same level of benefits for you new employer. Your unique accomplishments, properly presented, as authority statements will get your resume read. 


Your challenge now is to weave a short story around each authority statement accomplishment that you can relate in your job interview. Make it detailed, yet concise, use word pictures, add some color, talk about obstacles overcome and you have a winning combination.


For up to date ideas on resume writing after 50 and how you can better use your experience and skill in your job hunting you'll find a wealth of information by taking a look at our blog. 



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