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Resume Writing For A Successful Career Change Resume


resume writing imageWhat drives a successful after 50 resume that motivates the hiring manager to call you in for an interview? How about writing a successful career change resume?

Here’s a hint; it’s not fancy writing, or the color of the paper or even your education. It’s rather simple: it is your achievements properly presented in your resume. Make it easy for the hiring manager to connect the dots. What you did for your past employers they will easily conclude you will do for them in the future. 

Look back in your long career, and even at outside activities, (Yes, chairing that committee for the local Chamber of Commerce that attracted over 200 to a tax strategy workshop should be counted.) and list everything you did to solve problems or make things better or to help others resolve challenges. This is the start for your resume writing.

Achievements Drive Your After 50 Resume 

How many of these achievements have you listed in your resume? And if you’ve had a recent job interview how many of these accomplishments did you express in a compelling story? If you answered yes you’re well on your way to finding the right job. If you say no, or are on the fence, you should put these ideas to work for you to power up your job hunting marketing effort and writing your after 50 resume. 

Be sure to pay particular attention to include your transferable skills in writing your resume career change after 50. This will alert the hiring manager that you have the skills to effectively perform in your new career.

Achievement statements are what you can use to power up your resume, effectively relate in a job interview and should be the center piece to all your marketing messages. This is the edge you need to separate yourself from the competition.

Your Resume After 50 Should Focus Accomplishments on the Needs of The Job

Statements that headline your achievements can be effectively used in a variety of situations. The most obvious is your resume, networking, your elevator speech, and in a resume cover letter and in a job interview.   

The closer your accomplishments get to the money the more powerful their impact. This is not to say that accomplishments in other areas cannot be effective, you’ll just have to be a bit more creative. 

In reviewing the list of your accomplishments the method of writing your achievement statements to place on your after 50 resume with maximum impact should be as follows: 

1.   Start with the strongest action verb that you can come up with. 

2.   What was the accomplishment? Keep it short, if the employer needs more they can ask you in the job interview. 

3.   What was the impact or results? Make it quantifiable. Numbers sell the accomplishment. Don’t know the exact results? Give us your best guess. Remember 19.8% looks better that 20%. 

4.   Keep at writing the list of achievement statements until you’ve covered everything. You may have too many to include all of them in your resume, but you’ll now have the advantage of tailoring your resume to meet the specific needs of the employer.  

 Strong Achievements Equals A Strong Resume After 50

You’ll now have a list of achievement statements that will portray a strong connection between what you accomplished in the past and what you can achieve in the future. Overall this is the type of compelling demonstration in writng your after 50 resume that the prospective employer is searching for. Let you be the one they find, and extend a job offer.

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