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Job Hunting Skills-Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak

Tips to Improve your Resume Cover Letter and Improve Your Job Hunting


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Facts are important in the job hunting process but they will not do the whole job in selling you to the prospective employer. In fact the boring, do what every other job hunter is doing, will not get the job done.

In the current economy it’s not uncommon for an employer to receive several hundred résumé’s and cover letters for a published job opening. You chance of job hunting success are then at least several hundred to one. Let’s see if we can improve your odds, get your information read and you are upgraded to the interview stack.

When the recruiter gets to your application package they may have just been reading tens if not hundreds of cover letters and resumes.

They are bored and looking for the sizzle in the cover letter to lead them into reading your resume.

Add the Sizzle to your Resume Cover Letter

Here is what many job hunters say in leading off their cover letter: “Pursuant to your recent advertisement in the St. Louis Post Dispatch for the position of customer service manager, enclosed in my resume for you consideration.”

Wow, were do you think this cover letter will end up? Of course, in the round file with the other copies of the same statement.

Your goal is to seize the recruiter’s attention and sell them on your qualifications and abilities to do the job. This requires a measure of excitement and the selling and motivating them into scheduling you for the job interview.

First, you don’t have to state the obvious as it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Tips to Improve Your Resume Cover Letter 

Draft your cover letter and count how many times you use the words “I” and “my.” If more than three or four you have some rewriting to do.

How does this first draft sound? “I am looking for a position where I will be given the opportunity for advancement with you company. My background is in customer service management and I am well qualified and meet all the listed requirements for your customer service manager opening.”

Now let’s rewrite this opening statement, one thing you could say,”Over five years customer service management and a strong results driven record of obtaining improved service to our customers are keys in qualifying me for consideration for the position.”

Better, but with a bit more tweaking, it can be improved. Hopefully, you get the idea.

Resume Cover Letters are About Selling Benefits to the Employer

Think benefits to the employer not what you want. Sell you skills; highlight your experience and your chance of success goes way up.

Now list in bullet points, three or four of your achievements that relate to the listed qualifications of the position.

Keep them short and to the point. They will focus the reader’s attention to your quantifiable accomplishments.

One of the beauties of language is there are many ways to say the same thing. Your goal is to upgrade your language by drafting more aggressive words and phrases rather than what the crowd is saying.

Aggressive writing sells the sizzle rather than just telling your story. Your cover letter and resume should not be a long boring employment biography but rather a sharp focused hard-hitting account that sells the employer on moving you to the next step in the hiring process.




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