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Eliminate a Gap in Employment and find a New Career After 50 with Effective Career Planning
"Successful Career Planning After 50-Stay at Home Mom to Interior Decorator"

How a Mom with no paying job for over 20 years planned her way into a new career after 50...


New Career After 50 BullseyeAngie was 51 when her last child graduated from high school. She had an employment gap of over 20 years, and her long ago job had been a clerical position. How would she hit the bullseye of getting the right career and the right job?

Over the years, however, she did gain significant employment related skills in various volunteer positions many of which would help her in finding a career.


Angie started her career research for a career change job search at 50 plus. Her family and friends reminded her that she had a knack for colors and decorating. In fact she had acted as an "unpaid" decorator for several friends as they redecorated their new homes.


Planning for a new career after 50-Generate Career Choices


After some additional career research Angie developed her new career plan that she designed to create a number of career change choices and options: 


Here it is:


1. Set up a relevant profile on Linkedin and use Linkedin to find the names of 5 to 10 individuals, in her area, working as interior decorators. Secure short informational interviews with at least five, hopefully more. Adjust her overall career development plan based on what she learns in her informational interviews.


2. Find an entry level job in the interior decoration career field. 


3. Begin building a network on LinkedIn. Study the questions asked and the answers in LinkedIn concerning her planned career field. Use this information to ask questions. 


4. Each semester enroll in at least two appropriate college level courses.


5. Each month go to two or more model homes to get decorating ideas. Keep notes on each visit, and as appropriate send a complimentary letter to the decorator. 


6. Search out and attend area product, furniture and accessory seminars and workshops.  


7. Develop a network of people she works with, craftsmen, vendors and others that she can use as a resource as she moves closer to finding a career as an interior decorator.


How Angie Found Her New Career After 50


Angie needed some basic employment experience so she began applying for jobs at her local Home Depot and Lowe’s. She got a job at Home Depot and began working in the paint department. Occasionally she worked in window coverings.  


She continued to work and develop her career plan. After a year at Home Depot she secured a job with a smaller local paint and decorating store that will afford her more opportunities to interact with customers on their decorating ideas and challenges. 


She advised customers on paint colors, wall coverings and window treatments. On occasion she worked in the customer’s home putting together an overall decorating plan. She learned which craftsmen were good at their trade, were reliable and professional in their dealing with customers. 


Step by Step Successful Career Development


After two years working in the smaller local paint and decorating store she began getting referrals from satisfied customers. Several added powerful recommendations to her Linkedin profile.


Angie used her experience and accomplishments to craft a powerful resume. With help from her personal network she learned of a possible opening in an area decorating firm.  


Angie secured a job interview. She demonstrated her skills not only at putting together a winning customer based decorating plan but her other experience working with craftsmen, vendors and suppliers. Her LinkedIn network was extensive and up to date. 


It’s not surprising that she got the job and the career she had planned for.  


Summary of how Angie build her new career after 50 through Career Planning


Here's what we learned from Angie's career change after 50, from a stay at home mom to an interior decorator: 


1. Use the informational interviews to learn about the career and industry. 


2. Put the career plan in writing and refer to it often. 


3. Be flexible-adjust the career plan but not the target.  


4. Build a strong educational component into the career plan. 


5. Career research emphasized she not forget to build her "customer" and "people" sales skills. 


6. Think and plan up one, two or even three levels to reach your ultimate career goal.


Developing your personal career plan is not difficult if you quantify each step, don't get too far in the future, and write out your career goals, step by step.


If this “50 something” can make it happen, from an almost 20 year employment gap to an in demand interior decorator you to can realize your dream. Career change after 50, especially with a significant employment gap can be a challenge, but with proper career planning your dream can be realized.


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