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Job Search Skills: Keep It Positive Get A Job!


A positive attitude is the key to getting the right job


How many people do you know that the first job they applied for they got hired? Maybe as a teenager, a neighbor had a business and you applied over the back fence and got hired. In the real world rarely are job searches simple and they surely are not fast.


Job hunting skills are required on a continued effort over a period of time before you achieve success. Along the way you’ll have rejections, go through a number of job interviews, continual research and learning, and change and revise your approach several times. 


Job search planning will help develop a positive attitude 


Knowing what you a getting into to and how job hunting works; will reduce stress and allow you to retain a more positive attitude. There are plenty of jobs out there. You also have a large number of choices. The right job opportunity is right around the corner; job search planning combined with patience and diligence will make it happen.


As you start your job hunting journey one thing is clear. The easier it is to apply for a job, the more difficult it will be for you to stand out.


For example, if you can send your resume out 500 times on an online job board with only a click of your mouse, what do you think a few thousand others are doing? It means you’ll be competing with a thousand or more other job hunters who are doing exactly what you are doing. Not a good plan to find the right job.


Networking is a great job search idea


In talking to your friends and relatives ask them how they found their jobs. The majority will tell you they found their jobs through someone they knew, or from a friend of a friend or someone’s recommendation. Copy these job search ideas and you’ll be well on your way to find a job. Networking works every time it’s tried.


Spend some time every day learning how to be better at networking. Ask for referrals and help others whenever possible. Learn how to work a networking event to your advantage. Keep up your networking activities after you find a job. You never know when your network will uncover a better opportunity. 


Job search skills requires learning about the employer 


Not only do you need to keep a positive attitude during your job hunting but you need to understand, although you need a job the prospective employer has equal or greater needs. They have a job to fill, challenges to be overcome, and customers to be taken care of. Your marketing effort is to convince the employer that hiring you will solve his problem and, if you really focus your job hunting strategy, provide him with additional benefits.


There is no magic bullet in job hunting. Nothing by itself will guarantee job search success. A perfectly written and powerful resume will not guarantee you’ll get the job. You award winning performance in the job interview will not assure success. What you will learn is that the most qualified candidate will not always get the job.


Rejection should be factored into a job search strategy


The hiring manager has a variety of motives in making the hiring decision. Sometimes there are internal political considerations that come into play. Maybe the winning candidate went to the right school. Or an employer you worked for, did something negative to a member of the hiring managers family. Maybe it’s a feeling another candidate would work better with the existing team. Often it’s a decision that the other candidate was more likeable and would be more fun to work with.


Bottom line, smile a lot in the job interview, tell positive stories of your accomplishments that closely match the employer’s needs, never bad mouth anybody, and express a keen interest in the position. If the hiring manager has a strong assurance that you are positive and likeable you will, more often than not, be the one hired over the other candidates.


To help improve your job search planning read about others who planned their way to career changing success. 


Read about Jack who had every possible handicap to finding a job but he used his job search skills to the maximum and found his dream job.



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