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After 50 Job Hunting Tips 

Find the Jewel of a Job in the Junk Pile

job hunting after 50 image     Job hunting after 50 can be a challenge, but it’s really a difficult process at any age. Employers at every level are shedding below average performers and replacing them with job applicants that they believe will do a better job.

This is one area of the job market we all know about. The competition is fierce for these jobs and you need a full measure of luck with a dash of proper planning and preparation to get in the door and go to work.

Job Hunting after 50: Tips to Finding Employers Who May be Hiring

There is however, in this economic downturn, a group of employers that appear to be reducing their workforce but actually they are hiring regularly to fill specific functions and needs that they have to keep operating. These employers are not growing in the overall sense but within their ranks certain jobs and functions are enjoying a level of expansion.

So one possible job hunting strategy in your after 50 job hunt is to research employers in this group to determine if they need your skills and specific qualifications.

Search the Junk Pile and Find the Right Job

Who are these employers? First, companies who are reorganizing, employers that have consolidated and sold operations, and companies that are operating under Chapter 11 bankrupt declarations, and companies that are liquidating under Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

Why are troubled employers worthy of our attention when we are job hunting?

Here are some recent examples of job hunters after 50 just like you that found employment amid the economic chaos.

1. A 52 year old inventory control manager got a job with an employer in Chapter 7. They need someone who could help them get top dollar with their extensive inventory. After 7 months the job ended but the experience vaulted him into a permanent position with another employer with an increase in pay.

2. A customer service manager, age 53, landed a job with a company that consolidated operations and need to expand their customer service operations.

She faced considerable challenges but now after one year, she has gotten a promotion and two pay increases and she enjoys going into work every day.

3. Matt, a 55 year old engineer found a job with an employer operating under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy declaration. After the bankruptcy was announced the company cut back their professional staff to the point they could no longer operate efficiently.

Matt had the desired set of skills and qualifications necessary for a new expanded position. Now after one year the company is back on its feet, their customer base is expanding and Matt has a career with a company with a brighter future.

Job Hunting Tip: Finding the Opportunities

How do you find these troubled companies? Look back over 3-6 months of your local paper. Study the local area business journals.

Then look at the company web sites. Make a list of possible employers to target. Do additional research on possible available careers and how your skills, qualifications and experience would qualify you for a troubled employer’s possible staffing needs.

Many of these openings are not publicized as the employer’s recruiting budgets have been wiped out. But they still need help. As a last resort you could accept a contract position to keep the money coming in and to qualify you for your next position.

So in your job hunting after 50 efforts, don’t neglect looking in the junk yard for that employer who could hire you and turn the experience into a jewel of a career. At the very least you may find temporary employment that could add to your qualifications for the job of your dreams.

Learn more about others after 50 who put together a winning career plan and successfully changed careers after 50.

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