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Employment Research for new jobs and careers after 50

"Employment Research is the Key to be a Highly Competitive after 50 Job Applicant" 

Employment Research for the Competitive Edge

Employment Research   Many job openings today attract well over 100 applicants, with some desirable jobs attracting in excess of 500 resumes.


   Employers in this economy, therefore, can afford to be highly selective. If the applicant is unprepared, either through the resume/cover letter, or the phone or face-to-face interview there are dozens of almost equally qualified applicants.  


In these lean times there are considerable costs in adding employees. Costs of recruiting, selecting, hiring and training all bear heavily on the decision to add someone to the payroll.


With employers being more careful and selective about hiring, they take longer to make hiring decisions and longer to evaluate applicants. The key to getting hired is to clearly demonstrate you can solve the employer's problems and overall you bring skills to the job that will give the employer a strongly positve return on his hiring investment. 


Job Hunting After 50 Requires a Focused Approach


All this means for the after 50 applicant to be competitive they must use of the best planning and preparation possible to be successful in their overall job search. 


In a recent survey of over age 50 applicants who had been unemployed over six months, four of the top reasons found why they did not get hired were: they could not identify their skills, their answers to questions were not complete, their appearance was poor, and overall they did not spend enough time on their job search. 


Summary of This Site's Job Hunting Resources


On this site we provide you with strategies and tips to assess your interests and skills. Further we help you with the tools to find the career that closely matches your interests. We provide you with ideas to write the best possible resume and cover letter. We show you that 80% of the job openings are never advertised and how to tap into this valuable resource. 


We have information how to prepare your research getting ready for the phone and face-to-face interviews. You’ll find suggested questions to ask of the prospective employer. These and other valuable ideas are here to help you in your job search. 


Finding the right job in the right career field after age 50 would seem to be a daunting task. However, no one said it would be easy. By superior preparation and planning, highlighting your experience, and detailed research you’ll be moving ahead of your competition. 


We trust your access to the resources of this site will help you reach your goal of finding the right job in the right career. It has been said that, good luck is the intersection of planning and preparation. So go “Good Luck.”   


For more on career change planning after 50, we have an article detailing actions you can take to make an effective career change after 50.  



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