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Careers after 50 Articles Focusing on Information to Help You Build Your Career Plan, Change Careers and Strategies to Help You Find the Right Job

Job Hunting after 50: Find the Jewel of a Job in the Junk Pile!

Job hunting requires an open mind to possible job openings. Here are some ideas where jobs may be found in an unlikely area. 

Learn more and you may be the one to find a jewel of a job in your job hunting after 50>>>

Job Interview Tips: Job Hunting after 50!

Winning the telephone interview and the face-to-face interview against stiff competition require a high level of research, preparation and practice. Here are some ideas and tips you can use right now to give you the interviewing edge.

Find out more about these practical tips to improve your chances of winning the interview challenges. Go to job interview tips>>>

Job Interview Skills: Preparing for the Odd Ball Question!

Job interview preparation is the key to beating the competition for the job. Here's some ideas to prepare you for a question you hadn't anticipated.

Discover how to be the best prepared applicant. Learn more about these important job interview skills>>>

Job Interviewing Skills-Managing the Bad Interview!

You can win when the interviewer is not prepared or lacking in job interview skills. Learn the critical skills to take over and manage the job interview and hopefully land the job offer. Here are the job interviewing skills you need to manage the interview process.

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions!

Another great article to help you in your job interview preparation. Learn how to answer the tough question by knowing what answer is expected.

Knowledge is power; so let's add to your knowlege in giving great answers to those tough interview questions>>>

Career Management: Get your career unstuck and climbing again!

If your career is not advancing like you had planned, get some ideas that should get you unstuck. Then you can go back to effectively managing your career.

Effective career management is not only about assessing where you are in your career plan but adding new items, remaining flexible and staying positive. Here's more about effective career management>>>

Land a New Job Through Effective Storytelling

How to score in the job interview through effective storytelling of relevant accomplishments.

Stand out from the other job candidates by telling compelling stories the showcase your skills. Learn more at interviewing skills>>>

Resume Writing: Get Focused through Authority Statements

Resume writng with a twist. Make your resume stand out and get the job interview.

Find out how to create your winning resume through authority statements. Here's more to get you started in writing that winning resume>>>

Resume Writing With a Powerful Message!

Resume writing is all about getting the attention of the hiring manager. Here's the way to make that happen by writing a resume with powerful messages>>>

Career Planning after 50: The Perils of Doing Nothing!

Career planning is valuable at any age, but even more benefical in mid-career.

Discover the perils of doing nothing and how you can start your after 50 career planning. Learn how others added success to their careers by career planning after 50. You may want to visit our blog for the latest in career planning and job hunting ideas>>>

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