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Making informed career decisions can be a daunting and difficult task. This important process becomes more difficult after age 50. We have more obligations, we may have seniority in a job or career and our work experience may not easily translate to another career or industry.


Helping You Find The Right Careers after 50


At we have been helping “50 something’s” find the right career and to make better informed career changes and choices by providing them with relevant, reliable and up-to-date career planning and development information.


Our goal is to truly make age and experience always win against youth and enthusiasm. (With a bit of cunning thrown in to level the playing field.)


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Come back frequently and see us as Careers After 50 adds to our knowledge base-all to help you update and/or find the right career


We are constantly adding to the information and resources on this site. Please check back frequently for updates.




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