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Build Your New Career After 50 by Step-by-Step Planning

You’ve now taken the first small steps in building your new career plan.  If a desired career does not jump out at you, start your plan with more general goals. To read two or more books each month on career areas that might interest you, for example. Or read daily business news to find out more information about various industries.

Perhaps in your career self assessment exercise you find you are weak in presentation skills and this is a requirement in the careers you have an interest in. So you join the local toastmaster’s or similar organization to polish up these required skills.

List each challenge that might be an obstacle to getting the job in the career of your choice. Build a career plan to overcome each challenge. Self-study on virtually any subject, over a period of several months, can make you an “expert.”

As you career goals get more specific, search the internet for information about the intended career. Is there a national or local association of members of the career? Is there an internet forum of like minded individuals? Use these resources to gather information.

Work to get a short informational interview ( is a great resource) with someone working in the desired career. Carefully prepare your questions. What are the requirements for the position, education, certifications, etc.?

Build Your New Career Plan from a Solid Foundation

If you are still on track for this career and there are educational requirements to overcome, how will you meet this challenge? There are many job seekers who satisfy educational requirements by going to school or self-study only in the subject matter relating to the core requirements for the discipline.

For example, through self-study, on-the-job training and work experience one job candidate with only a high school education and over ten years of progressively more industrial engineering (IE) experience beat out job candidates with engineering degrees and a like amount of on the job experience.

This story is repeated time and time again. And as one looking for a career change after 50 it is applicable to you and you do not have to go back to school for several years to make it happen. Preparation and planning will overcome this obstacle.

Careers after 50Add Non-Tradional Career Achievements and Experience

Other ways to upgrade and polish you credentials is to join business groups, serve on committees, take courses on line, work as a volunteer, attend seminars and workshops, go to school nights and weekends, write articles and publish them on the internet, and start a website or blog on an applicable subject. I’m sure with a little study you can come up with additional ways to add applicable experience to your resume.

Remember, it all counts. Midlife career development and change are all about marketing and branding your skills and experience. The younger job applicant many times, although working in a career for 10 years, really only has one years experience 10 times. It’s up to you, through the successful execution of your career plan, to clearly show your depth of experience and preparation that far exceeds the younger applicant.

Don’t stand still, write out you career objectives, review your progress at least monthly, keep a journal to jot down ideas, reassess your interests and career ideas periodically, make note of your achievements and failures and keep moving forward.

The challenge is in front of you. You can reinvent your career,  even after 50. We encourage you to spend some time on this site; you’ll find many valuable tips and ideas. Don’t forget to get your free copy of our report that will introduce you to the following powerful ideas and internet tools that you can put to use right now: 

  • Make the internet a powerful partner when the prospective employer checks your background.  
  • Demonstrate your expertise in your planned "new" career. 
  • Use the internet to become an “expert.” 
  • Lets others pay for your time and research.  
  • Add eye-catching achievements to your resume. 
  • Examples where individuals after age 50 went from average to outstanding through effective use of the internet. 

You’ll learn all of the above and more in the “Simple use of the Internet for the over 50 Career Change," report.

It’s FREE-just complete the information in upper right corner of this page. Take the first step now. It’s up to you to make your age, cunning and experience work to your advantage.    






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