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Midlife Career Self-Assessment-Do this Right!

"Self-Assessment is the First Easy Step in Effective Career Planning and Finding the Right Career for You"

Career Self-Assessment for Career Change After 50

Career self-assessmentThe biggest career mistake made by those over 50 is to go aimlessly through their working life without a career plan and a clear career objective. They hang around until they are forced through layoff, they hit the top of their pay grade, or they realize they hate going in to work every day. It’s only then that they flounder around looking for other career options.

Locating a new career after 50 shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. Positive results for a career change after 50 without a career plan-one that has been planned and worked for a considerable length of time, will almost always result in frustration and failure.

Find the Best Career After 50 Through Self-Assessment

Self-assessment of your skill, talents and career interests are but one section of your overall plan finding the right career. The other two important aspects of your career plan are employment and career research and developing your career plan through additional education and training.

Overall to get the career plan on the road you will need preparation and more preparation. Suppose you signed up for a triathalon and did not prepare for the swimming or cycling until the day prior to the race. Clearly, you would not be ready even though you did work on your running.

Successfully completing the triathalon is much like competing for a new career after 50. Some competitors for the job you are interested in will be younger, with more experience or training.

One sure way to overcome these supposed personal handicaps is through a higher level of preparation, a better overall career plan and to use your strengths to neutralize the younger job applicant’s advantages. 

Career Planning and Preparation after 50

To place you in a competitive position in your hunt for a new career after 50 we must start with a series of small steps. Each will start building the outline of a career plan to get you where you are headed and the actions required to propel you on your journey. 

First, what are your interests, skills, type of personality and values? What do your family members, friends or mentors see in you. Are there differences? Why?

On a sheet of paper write out what do you like to do? What activities both on the job and off that you find motivating, challenging and enjoyable? What are your key skill sets and abilities? What skills and abilities do you want to develop? What aspects of a job are most important to you? If you have an objective for your career what is it?

This analysis lists all the positive aspects of your experience, both on the job and off. Now go through the exercise on another sheet of paper and list the negatives. What jobs do you not want to do? Why? What type of organization would you not want to work? Why? What aspects of your jobs do you have difficulty with? Is it correctable? How? What careers do you not have any interest in? Why? 

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