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Career Planning: The Dangers of Doing Nothing!


Career Planning after 50-It's Never too Late

career planning after 50Career planning at any age yields so many benefits it’s a wonder that everyone is not doing it.

It’s an arrangement to direct and manage your career, keep track of progress or the lack of progress, set career objectives and take an agressive pro-active approach to your career. Career success is usually the result of robust career planning.


Why then do so many not do something that is an critical component to success? Here are a be few reasons why many neglect this key element to finding and growing their careers.


Why Career Planning Doesn't Seem to Work


Many are afraid of failing. They may consider and start career planning, but they fail to implement their plan, and at the first sign of a lack of success they stop the process. They also may set their sights way out of reach. When their goals are not met they blame the plan and all activity stops.


Others with an abundance of experience conclude they have no need to create a career plan. This approach may work around the edges but to achieve something more meaningful experience will not replace a well thought out career plan. 


On the other side of experience those with little practical experience and who, “don’t know what they don’t know,” and are moved by events outside their control. They never take the time to learn what is involved in career planning.


The Biggest Reason Why So Many Neglect Career Planning


Finally, the major reason is laziness. Effective career planning is work. It takes thinking, research and continued effort. It can’t be an infrequent activity. If you plan on reading two books a month, for example, it does you little good trying to read 24 books on December 31st. If the time and effort is not expended you can’t expect positive long term results.


Here are some ideas to help you get started in your mid-life career planning. Go read the balance of the article and find out the seven great ideas to get you started in your career planning.


Read about what others accomplished in taking action in their career plans after 50  and the great results they achieved.




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