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Future Career Planning Development 

With this written career plan Jack is well on his way to moving to the next level at Wal-Mart. With a promotion to assistant store manager he will be earning close to 100% of his previous job.   

Further, he is building the foundation through his career plan to qualify himself for a shift manager's position where his earnings could be over 150% of what he had earned in the shoe industry. 

Jack is willing to move on each step up the ladder, so he will have more opportunities open to him. When he reaches the assistant manager level he will put together a career plan for promotion to store co-manager or shift manager.  

Career Plan Summary:

Here's what we learned from Jack's career change after 50 and his career plan:

1. Involve your supervisor in your career plan.

2. Put the career plan in writing and refer to it often.

3. Be flexible-add or subtract to the career plan as needed.

4. Build an educational component into the career plan.

5. Don't forget the "people" skills.

6. Think up one or two levels to reach your ultimate career goal.

Developing your personal career plan is not difficult if you quantify each step, don't get too far in the future, and write out your career goals, step by step.  

If this “50 something” can make it happen, in a career that he started because he couldn't find a job at the same or similar levels of responsibilities as his long held career, you can to. Be flexible, be open to new possibilities and your after 50 career change will be as successful as Jack's. 

Read about other great career planning ideas; developing and finding the right new career after 50 at Careers after 50 articles. 


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