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Successful Career Management Starts With An Active Career Plan

Career Planning after 50: Spring House Cleaning for Your Career Plan!

Better Manage Your Career Through an Active Career Planning Process

career planning after 50 imageCareer planning after 50 should not be a one time transaction where you rest on the oars, but rather it should be a lifelong effort to improve your career related skills and open new windows into subjects of interest. 

If you need to jump start you after 50 career planning, now is the time to start on spring house cleaning of your career closet. Spend you time and effort now in building your career future-it will be time well spent. 

Get Started on Your Career Planning after 50 Right Now!

Here are some positive actions you can start right now-get a head start on your career management spring cleaning: 

1.    Update your network. Make contact with everyone you haven’t talked to in a while. If they have some career management or job hunting issues offer to help. 

2.    Build an “atta-boy,” file. Go back over the past year or more and start a file on performance reviews, thank-you letters, seminars and workshops attended, samples of work, projects managed, accomplishments and memo’s outling results. For the future keep this file up to date. 

3.    Draft a personal training and educational plan. What are your training needs? Books you need to read? Plan on reading at least two books a month-one about your career and another to stretch your knowledge. Other gaps in you skills that need to be filled?  

4.    Discover 10 or more people working in your career, or working in a proposed new career. Make arrangements to meet with them and share ideas. Add them to your career network and keep in touch. 

5.    Find 6 or more blogs or forums related to your career and industry. Visit them on a regular basis to stay up to date. Share the list with others in your career and ask for their favorites. 

6.    Review your overall systems and computer competencies with someone knowledgable in IT. Make arrangements to add to your learning in this area. Get one related problem solved that has been vexing you. 

7.    Become more active in you local professional association. Add contacts to your network. 

8.    Volunteer you time in a cause or organization you admire. You’ll realize a variety of rewards along with the chance to meet new people. Add contacts to your network. 

9.    Search for additional ways to add value to your job and department. Find ways to become more efficient and more responsive to both your internal and external customers. 

10. Carefully analyze you own performance. Did you meet the goals you set for yourself last year? What went right and what went wrong? Build actions into your career plan to do better in the coming year. 

11. Whenever possible look for opportunities to use a skill or interest working temporarly in another function or in a task that will give you the opportunity to work with another department or different group of people. 

12. It’s spring so give your wardrobe an updating. Look for sales and donate everything you haven’t worn for awhile.  

13. Schedule a physical check-up. Get approval to start an exercise and diet program. Set your goals in short chunks and celebrate achieving each goal.  

14. Build your coaching skills. Help a subordinate or co-worker advance their skills. 

15. Redraft your resume in a functional, chronological and targeted format. The exercise will help you respond to possible opportunites. 

Now after your spring house cleaning you’ve got your career planning and management after 50 back on track. With any plan it should not be ignored and put back in the closet. Put each action item in writing and work on your career plan every day. Manange your career action plan like any other important project. Review your progress and be sure to remain flexible to take advantage learning new skills and and challenges.  

You’ll now be prepared for any and all career opportunites and in looking back as you reach each career goal you can be satisfied and proud of your achievement in properly managing your career.

Read about other career changers after 50 who build their career plans and are either well on their way to their dream career or have found employment where they are excited to go to work every day. Find them at career planning after 50.



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