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Career Change after 50 for Teachers


Experienced Teachers Have a Big Advantage in Many Career Fields

If handled properly a career change for a teacher may not be a difficult task. A teacher has a level of skills and training that is in demand in a variety of jobs and industries.

First, the career change may not take in leaving the teaching field altogether. With a few strategic changes, some training courses and the teacher may find they have the qualifications to change what they are teaching. A different age level or subject may be what is needed to put some spark into the teaching career.

Teachers Successful Career Change after 50

If the teacher career change is more drastic-finding a job in private industry-teaching skills are in great demand. The ability to communicate along with the classroom coaching abilities is vital in many interesting jobs.

Perhaps, teaching skills will be a significant component in the new job. Abilities like sharing information between different groups of workers, training of staff in new skills and procedures, developing training courses and to teach and coach team members are needed skills in many companies and organizations.

Once the decision is made by the teacher to make a career change a comprehensive analysis of their interests and abilities must be made. New careers must be researched in depth. Don't rely on statements from friends or coworkers that, "there is no money in that job," or, "that job is a dead end," or, "you would never qualify for that kind of job." Be open minded and test all the job assumptions. With this type of flexible approach it will soon become clear which direction they will be headed.

By properly positioning the teaching skills on the resume, along with appropriate extra study and training, the teacher's new resume should give them an excellent shot at whatever new career they have chosen. Employers are looking for candidates with excellent communication skills, individuals that work well in a team setting, administrative and organizational skills and the ability to learn and progress in the job.

Teachers have these qualities in depth the key is to translate the abilities to language that fit the prospective job.

Bottom line: the teacher's career change should involve moving into another job or career that fits the teacher's interests. Will the new job be interesting enough so going to work each morning is greeted with enthusiasm? If so it could be a winner. Moreover, the teacher's basic skills will enhance any position applied for. The abilities to teach and assist other team members are an ideal trait that will add considerable value to the workplace.

For whatever reason the decision was make by the teacher to make a career change, the opportunities to find a productive and rewarding career away from the classroom has never been better and is increasing all the time.

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John Groth
Febuary 3, 2011


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