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Take Some Of The Stress Out of Your After 50 Career Change Planning

career change after 50 imgCareer change after 50 can be a long journey to find your dream job, here are some ideas to help you make the trip a success.

If you are at or over 50 it's likely you are thinking about changing careers. Millions of Americans seem to be changing careers in midlife and beyond. It can be a difficult journey but if your have a working career change plan it can be an easier and less stressful way to reach your career goals.

Career Planning After 50 and Career Goals

Be realistic about your career goals. If you are over 50 your chance of becoming starting middle line backer for the Green Bay Packers is less than remote. However, there are plenty of support careers in Green Bay that will put you in the locker room and in Lambeau Field on Sunday. Clearly define and understand your limitations.

Landing your dream job will not happen overnight. At times you'll have to work in several jobs along a career path to acquire the necessary experience to qualify for your planned career. While you are being patient, does not mean you cannot begin walking in the footsteps of your planned career.

Here are 10 great tips to get your started on changing careers after 50:

1. Take a close look at your financial situation. Will the new career mean a cut in pay? How long will it take, if ever, to replace the income of the old career? If there is going to be a pay cut start planning now to make the right financial changes, increase savings, pay off debt so you'll be more financially comfortable when you do make the career change.

2. Write out your career change plans. Put all of your career change plan in writing. Read it often. Have a periodic meeting with yourself on your progress. Tell others about your plans and enlist their help in making your career change happen.

3. Act as if you all ready have the desired career. Read and study what experienced individuals do to remain up to speed on changes and new events the career. Go to trade shows, seminars and workshops that those in you planned career attend. Network whenever possible. Put the title of the desired career on your business card.

4. Develop an informational interview. Talk to people already working in the career. You are not looking for a job at this point but information about the career, requirements, education, salaries, and career path are just some of the data required to open up additional research on the new career.

5. Through self-study and appropriate mentors get up to date on technical aspects of the career. If necessary, attend classes at area schools. Add the education to your resume and highlight your new skills in your resume cover letter.

6. Make use of your entire personal network. Add to your network by searching LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Work through your alumni association and area career associations in your planned career field. Plan all your contacts, follow-up on all referrals and your networking can be an asset in you career change.

7. Be flexible in moving into your new career after 50. Perhaps working as a temp or a contractor would be a good first choice. Develop and look for options.

8. Keep your resume up to date. As you complete relevant study update your resume. Emphasize your experience and accomplishments as they match the new career job requirements.

9. Attitude is everything in you career planning. Read appropriate books to keep you in a positive state of mind. Associate with others with the same positive attitude.

10. Add exercise and diet components to your career plan. It will build on your confidence and reduce stress; you will come across in your job interviews as engaged and physically fit. Two things that work strongly against the over 50 stereotype.

So here are 10 tips that you can start working on right now to make a successful planned career change after 50. Don't let your age hold you back. Your dream career and job is out there-isn't now the time you found it?




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