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Career Change After 50: Explore The Possibilities!


After 50 Career Change Ideas


career change after 50New career ideas after age 50 are all around us. If you open up your mind and start thinking about career change after 50 from a new direction you may be surprised at how you can structure your career and your life. 


Try to think beyond job titles but rather consider different and new and exciting ways of working and finding that new career after 50.


Discover Employer's Needs in Career Change


Considering the current work and job climate, both employers and employees are trying to discover more flexible ways of working. And if you are open to new career ideas that new career after 50 is right around the corner.


Do you really need to consider working, five days a week (Monday-Friday) and from 8:00am-4:30pm? Why do you have to work this kind of schedule? Is this really the only way to schedule your work? 


So let’s consider some alternatives. What about part-time work, but work at two or more jobs? The jobs do not have to be the same, so this could be your chance to work at something new and make the career change at the same time.


A friend works in motorcycle repair Monday-Thursday, and plays in a popular band Friday and Saturday nights. He has off Friday and Sunday and enjoys his work schedule. In another example, an acquaintance works a part-time job three days a week and the balance of the time he is self-employed rebuilding the fiberglass on corvettes and boats.

Mid-Career Change Ideas

If you have a skill that is in demand, but many employers do not need your services full time how about working on a fee basis to many different employers. As you gain experience and a positive reputation, referrals from satisfied customers will build your business. This is a valuable idea for a successful mid-career change.


Another approach is to explore the possibility of starting a small business while still employed. With the internet the opportunities are almost endless.


For example, a woman wanted to sell some unneeded household items on ebay. This evolved into buying lamps and lighting products at garage sales and selling them on the auction site. As she acquired more capital, she began buying close out lamps at several area lighting stores. Currently her part-time business almost equals her income in her full-time job.


Build Your Skills for a After 50 Career Change


This suggestion does not directly relate to working, how about considering exploring a course of study. Whether it’s at a local junior college, seminars and workshops, distance learning or more formal study at a local university all will open up the possibilities of a new career.


Another way to test new career ideas and new ways of working is to find a way to volunteer to fill some needs in your community. The work can be as little as putting in a few hours a week or working on a team to develop and roll out a new marketing program for the charity.


All this experience could lead you to qualify for a new career and a new job.


Career Planning for New Career Ideas After 50


All of the above ideas can be combined in whole or in part. The small business you start could take off, the added study could open up career avenues you had never thought possible, and the consulting work could develop into an exciting career.


Now is the time to free up your thinking and consider the possibilities of structuring your work differently. It will likely provide you with the breakthrough to make the desired career change. Start now in investigating the many choices and possibilities. It will be your first step in what could be an exciting journey.

For more about career change planning go to career planning after 50.



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