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Be Like Jack In Your Job Hunt!

After 50 job search tips!

You wouldn’t know it by reading the news but job hunters are finding new jobs every day. Jobs are still available, organizations are still hiring so a current job search should not be considered hopeless. Many job hunters have given up but if you’re determined there is a job for you.

Learn how Jack conducted his after 50 job search

Recently a friend told me about a neighbor, whose name is Jack, who seemed to have everything going against him in a job hunt. Jack was 61 years old, was slightly overweight, had high blood pressure, had worked a variety of manual jobs all his working life and had the equivalent of about an eighth grade education.

He was too young to draw Social Security and needed to work several more years to pay off the mortgage on his house.

Jack's job hunt actions


After being laid off from his last job, which he had held for over 10 years, Jack has a series of short term jobs, each lasting from a week to two months. Clean-up on a construction site, helping a house painter, working cleaning out foreclosed homes, where just some of the short term jobs Jack found. None were permanent and long term.

Jack's success job hunting


Then my friend told me of Jack’s success in landing a full-time permanent job. My friend knew the owner of a small local manufacturing company who told him Jack came in every Friday and asked the receptionist if they had any work for him. He was always polite, cleanly dressed and ready for work. Every Friday he was told they had nothing.


This continued for over three months, every Friday if he wasn’t working one of his temporary jobs Jack made a stop at the manufacturing company. The word got around the company if Jack didn’t show on a Friday they hoped he found a permanent job. But after a week or two he’d be back inquiring if they had something for him.


Then they needed help in cleaning out an area and moving some equipment. They thought of Jack and when he came in the next Friday he was put to work. It would be only two weeks but work was work.


Jack showed up early for work everyday. He as cheerful and worked hard at every task he was assigned. At the end of two weeks the company found full time work for Jack and he’s been a valuable employee ever since.


My friend had occasion to speak to Jack about his job hunting strategy.

What you can learn from Jack's job hunting strategies


Here it is:


  1. Be organized. Jack carried a small notebook with all his work experience; names, addresses and phone numbers of former employers. His notebook also contained the names, addresses and phone numbers of all references. He also listed the names and addresses of all companies and the dates at which he had applied for work. With notes on the names and dates of all the people he talked to.

  2. Always be presentable. You never know when your appearance will help you get a job. Jack was marketing himself as someone who was willing to do what others wouldn’t do and he would do it well.

  3. Don’t give up. Jack had a regular route of possible employers that he tried to stop in every week. If he was working part-time he used the balance of the day or week to continue looking for work. Whenever possible he would ask for referrals of other possible jobs and employers.

  4. Maintain a positive and cheerful attitude. If you beg you are less likely to find a job than if you are positive and cheerful.


Regardless of your experience, skills and educational level we can all learn a lot from Jack’s job hunting strategies.


Being organized will save time every day in your job search. Your resume and cover letter should always be presentable-no errors and always professional. This also goes for interviews and meeting individuals in your network.


Jack didn’t give up even though he had everything working against him. He worked hard to maintain a cheerful and positive attitude. He got many rejections but knew there was the right job for him.


Follow Jack’s example and your job search will be more successful.

For more information about how others over age 50 worked and planned their way to new jobs go to after 50 job search.



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