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Job Change After 50-How Using the Internet Helped in Sarah's Career Change

Job Change after 50 and career planning combined with using the internet can take many positive avenues for the after 50 job hunter.

Job Change After 50 Image  Sarah lost her job at 53 and invested her severance pay into upgrading her education and research using the internet to change careers or make herself more employable.

Although she had over 30 years of business experience, mostly in marketing, she felt she was weak in the use of social networking in building a brand and marketing.

Sarah, after some research and personal assessment, built a new after 50 career plan; central to her plan was improving her education and building her relevant experience. She planned to improve her experience in the use of social networking, brand building and using a web site and bogging in marketing herself and when employed doing the same for her new employer.

Networking Skills to Build Qualifications for Her After 50 Job Change

In order to qualify for a new job with her new experience Sarah planned on finding a qualified mentor to get her started on the right path learning more about the internet and her new career.

Using she searched for individuals, hopefully in her area, that had the necessary social networking and marketing experience. She found ten that seemed to have the experience that could help her.

Before she called them she developed a short, ten to fifteen minute, informational interview that would get her started in the right direction. She contacted all ten and six agreed to answer her questions in a short informational interview.

Using Information from Interviews to Develop her Personal Learning Program

Sarah was pointed to several on-line study programs, and she picked two and began a daily course of self-study. In addition, two of her contacts, agreed to follow-up interviews to make sure she was on the right track.

She made a number of calls to area non-profits to inquire if they had a need of her skills. After some discussion she started volunteering part-time, developing a non-profit’s marketing and branding plan. In addition, she used her newly learned skills in redrafting and refocusing the non-profit’s web site.

Sarah opened a blog, discussing branding and marketing issues and trends. She wrote several articles each week and had them posted on the internet with links back to her blog.

Weaving it all together she issued several press releases, with relevant stories emphasizing what proper branding can do to raise the profile of an organization.

Becoming a Marketing and Branding Expert

Sarah wrote and practiced a short twenty minute talk on the value of branding both personal and for a business. After several calls she was invited to speak before several area Chambers of Commerce and service clubs. Of course every time she spoke she issued a relevant press release.

All of this internet related activity she now reflected in her resume. She added to her networking group and emailed them frequently with her progress and activity.  

Do you think Sarah’s resume and cover letter will stand out? You bet it will and she is well on her way to a rewarding new career after 50.

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