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Over 50 Career Change Development

Successful switching to a new career after 50 is powered by a career change development plan

career change development imgSuccessful over 50 career change and overall career success are closely allied to career change development.

If you are planning a career change after 50 you should know that to get ahead of your younger competition you have to work hard at your career plan and update your skills and abilities to qualify for your proposed new career.

Start with a career objective-then build your career change plan

Once you start building your career change development plan it is important to identify your career objective and how you plan on achieving it. It is less than productive to write out a career change plan and then put it in the drawer never to see the light of day and expect magic to happen.

The development of your career change plan and its success rests with you. No one else can acquire the needed skills, qualifications and experience unique to you so you can qualify for your dream career.

8 key ideas to incorporate into your career change plan

Here are eight basic things to consider as you work in developing a robust career change plan:

  1. If you are ready for the daily, weekly and monthly effort necessary to make you career change development a reality; take the plunge.

  2. A written career change plan is a must. When your plan is written you can see daily what you need to accomplish. As you develop you skills and acquire additional qualifications you can judge your progress against the written career plan.

  3. You should build your career plan as you uncover new information, change direction when necessary and be willing to give up on unpromising ideas.

  4. Your career change plan should contain daily, weekly and monthly components. Judge your progress against these benchmarks, adjust as appropriate.

  5. In any career plan you must take a critical look at your skills, abilities, interests, strengths and weaknesses. Build the plan to develop your strengths, shore up you weak points and expand your interests and knowledge.

  6. Career growth and career change require a daily effort practiced over a long period of time. This daily effort and its cumulative positive effect on your career and your future will move you toward your career and life goals.

  7. A positive attitude is everything in working at developing your career change plan. Plan to read motivational books, attend positive meetings and conferences, learn to associate with positive people, listen to positive CD’s as you drive: all will have a big impact on your ongoing career development.

  8. Have patience as you move forward in your career development. All good things take time, time to build good habits, time for the new skills to become practiced, time to build relationships, time to acquire experience and qualifications but in the end your journey will lead you to your dream career.

Isn’t now a good time to get started on developing your career change plan?

More resources to help you in your career change development

For more about career change development and valuable tips and ideas to help you on your career change journey go to career planning after 50.

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Further career change development ideas and the stories of others who successfully build career change plans is to be found in this section of the site. 




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