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Careers after 50-Ever thought you were in the wrong career?

"Quickly Learn How to Turn Years of Experience into a Career Change After 50 Where You Love Going to Work Every Morning!"

  • Are you wasting time in a dead end career or a career where you dread going to work every morning? 
  • Have you ever sent out dozens maybe hundreds of resumes in an attempt to change careers after 50 and gotten little or no response?
  • Are you over 50 and you see your job ending with a reorganization, layoff, or your employer closing?

If any of these describes you, you are not alone.

career change after 50 image  In this site we will help answer your career  changing and career planning questions with special emphasis on career challenges facing those looking at changing careers after 50.

  An added tip: Though you may not be currently looking for fast cash loans, or a new job, or changing your career, we discuss the importance of putting in place a strong networking structure that is designed to help you keep aware of possible job opportunities, promotions or future career changes. 

Careers After 50-Career Change

Career planning, career development and job search today are not what it was when we “50 something’s” started working. The perils of not doing career planning can have dire consequences.

We’ve all seen the Department of Labor data that shows in the average American’s working lifetime: they will work for about 10 employers, have over three different careers and keep each job less than four years.

Further adding to career planning complications is new careers are being created every day and a career that seemed so promising a few years ago may now be a dead end.

Here are 17 job hunting tips that will help you make a successful career change at any age and will be especially helpful for making a career change after 50.

Job Hunting After 50

Likewise a job search is not what it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Job hunting has become more complex and more competitive.

Don’t consider your age a handicap in your job search. We’ll show you a full range of strategies to turn your age and experience into the job offer you want. Working smarter, using your experience to advantage will go a long way to being the first choice in the job search.

Find the New Career After 50

The internet and computers gives us almost instant access to jobs, career research and other opportunities that a few years ago would take months, and maybe never, to uncover.  

This website was built (and will continue to be a work in progress) to provide the experienced individual with a comprehensive source for career change and career planning.

The website focus is geared toward the after 50 career change. (Of course many of the tools and techniques are applicable toward career changes and development at any age.) Our objective is to provide you with a complete tool box necessary to ease your midlife career change journey toward your desired career goals.  

Start Career Planning Right-End Right

You’ll find a series of sections in this site that will guide you into finding and developing a career plan that will point you toward you career objective.

Of course you must be realistic, if you’re 52, it’s doubtful the best career plan ever written and executed will be good enough for you to play middle linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

Almost everything else is wide open. Start a business, get a law degree at 62, turn your love for music into playing in a symphony orchestra, become a chef, move from a dying industry into one with a greater future, move to a more desirable area of the country, turn a hobby into a promising enterprise, and the list goes on and on. 

Explore This Site and You’ll Find These Valuable Resources for Your Midlife Career Change: 

  • Self-Assessment:  Start right end right with self-assessment of your interests, skills and passion.
  • Career Exploration: Finding a career that is right for you.
  • Career Planning after 50:  Stories of after 50 individuals just like you, turning their age, passion, and experience into a career change and job hunting advantage.
  • Career Development: Build career change after 50 success both short and long term. 
  • Career Education and Training: Accelerate your learning to get the needed  training and experience in your new career after 50. 
  • Employment Ideas: Tips and cunning to find the right job to partner with your planned career change. 
  • Job Search After 50: Powerful ideas to make your after 50job search stand out. 
  • Growing in the Job: When you found the right job and career-tips to make yourself indispensable.  
  • Careers After 50 Articles: A wide range of articles spotlighting career development, career changing ideas, job hunting after 50 tips and strategies.
  • Careers After 50 Blog: Frequent updates on career hunting, career planning and changing careers. Go here often to get the latest in managing your career. 
  • New Career Beyond 50: A great article helping you get started in your career planning to make a successful career change at 50 and beyond. 

The Critical Step in Changing Careers After 50  

Every journey starts with the first step. To help you get started finding a job in your new career I've written some internet job hunting ideas you may not have thought of, you'll find it all in, “Simple use of the internet for the over 50 Career Change.”

This FREE report will introduce you to the following powerful ideas and internet tools that you can put to use right now: 

  • Make the internet a powerful partner when the prospective employer checks your background.  
  • Demonstrate your expertise in your planned "new" career. 
  • Use the internet to become an “expert.” 
  • Lets others pay for your time and research.  
  • Grow your network and increase your opportunities.
  • Add eye-catching achievements to your resume.   

You’ll learn all of the above and more in the FREE report. Just complete the information in upper right corner of this page. Take the first step now. It’s up to you to make your age, cunning and experience work to your advantage.    






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